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Raven Industries Reports Fiscal 2014 Third-Quarter Results

November 21, 2013 at 12:00 AM EST

SIOUX FALLS, S.D., Nov. 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Raven Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:RAVN) today reported sales and earnings for its fiscal 2014 third quarter ended October 31, 2013.

Raven's third-quarter net income was $12.3 million, or $0.34 per diluted share, versus year-earlier net income of $10.9 million, or $0.30 per diluted share. For the third quarter, sales were $104.9 million, a third-quarter record, versus $97.0 million in the prior-year third quarter. Sales rose strongly in the Engineered Films and Applied Technology divisions, growing 21 percent and 11 percent, respectively. Reflecting the continuing constraints on federal spending, Aerostar sales declined 8 percent.

For the nine months, net income totaled $34.6 million, or $0.95 per diluted share, versus $41.4 million, or $1.13 per diluted share, in fiscal 2013. Sales for the period were $302.0 million, versus last year's $316.6 million.

"Gains in Engineered Films and Applied Technology drove third-quarter sales to record levels, despite U.S. government disruptions continuing to impact Aerostar," said Daniel A. Rykhus, Raven's president and chief executive officer. "While we anticipate near-term fluctuations across our divisions, we are pleased both by a strong quarter, as well as the fact that Raven is very well positioned for the long term.

"As a company, we serve relevant markets, with innovative solutions to problems that matter—hunger, security, energy independence and natural resource preservation. The investments we've made in technology, capacity and market expansions offer stability and the potential for growth. And by committing to continuous improvements in innovation, service and quality we will expand our competitive advantage and gain more opportunities."

Agriculture Markets Drive Engineered Films Growth

For the fiscal 2014 third quarter, sales in Engineered Films rose to $40.2 million from $33.3 million a year ago. Operating income grew to $5.2 million, from $4.7 million in the year-earlier quarter.

Said Rykhus, "Barrier films for agriculture—fueled by sales of fumigation and silage films—led growth within Engineered Films. The addition of new extrusion capacity earlier in the year was a key factor in our ability to meet demand for these high-tech films. We also saw gains within our other markets, including energy, industrial and construction."

Operating income, while up over the prior year, was constrained in the quarter due to substantially higher resin costs compared to a year ago, combined with market conditions that did not allow pass through. Raven's reclaim production line—designed to capture and recycle excess polymer material from internal manufacturing processes—is helping to provide cost savings and the company is implementing a new competitive pricing structure to reflect higher raw material costs.

Aerostar's Vista Research and Lighter-Than-Air Sales Build

For the third quarter, Aerostar reported sales of $24.3 million, versus $26.4 million in the year-earlier quarter. Aerostar's planned growth strategy emphasizes growing proprietary products over contract manufacturing. Strength in Vista Research and lighter-than-air products was offset by reduced contract manufacturing demand—including the completion of the company's contract with the U.S. Army for the manufacture of T-11 parachutes. Divisional operating income was $2.7 million, versus $3.8 million in fiscal 2013—primarily due to lower volume.

Within Aerostar, Vista Research continued to produce strong sales, rising approximately 45 percent, driven by deliveries under existing contracts for Vista's Smart Sensing Radar Systems. As previously disclosed, Vista Research was selected by Raytheon as a preferred radar solution for future U.S. and export opportunities.

Raven continues to support Google's Project Loon—an initiative using Aerostar-designed and developed high-tech balloons to help provide Internet access to remote and underdeveloped areas. The program is still in its early stages and Raven is working with Google to establish and refine the initial platform and infrastructure. Going forward, Raven anticipates modest revenues from the project with the possibility of significant revenue growth in the first half of fiscal 2015, subject to the success of Project Loon.

Said Rykhus, "Declining contract manufacturing and growth of proprietary product lines are evidence of our strategic direction for Aerostar. We're focusing on expanding our proprietary technology opportunities, including advanced radar systems, high-altitude balloons and aerostats to international markets. These three growth drivers have breakout potential—and that has us excited for the future."

Applied Technology: New Products to Generate Growth

For the third quarter, sales in Applied Technology were $43.8 million, versus $39.5 million last year. Operating income was $15.1 million, compared to $12.3 million in the prior-year period. The increases stemmed from demand from OEM customers and rising performance in Brazil.

Said Rykhus, "Though we do anticipate fluctuations going forward, after-market demand for our precision agriculture products rose in the third quarter. What's encouraging is that OEM demand also stayed robust for certain solutions, specifically Raven's advanced guided steering systems and boom controls. Moreover, we're seeing gains internationally in South America."

On the product development front, in the fiscal third quarter Raven and Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc. introduced UHarvestTM—a first-of-its-kind grain cart system that provides more accurate yield data and streamlines how data is shared between machines in the field. UHarvest is the first grain cart system to integrate a moisture sensor on the cart itself, which provides operators with more accurate yield data as it is loaded from the combine.

Said Rykhus, "We have the capacity to grow our relationships with more than 30 OEMs as these customers adopt a broader range of our technology on their machines. The products that we've introduced in the past four months, including Viper 4, SmarTrax MD and Multi-Hybrid OmniRow, are Raven's strongest ever, and will spur new growth in completely new lines of business."

Strong Cash Position

At October 31, 2013, cash and investment balances were $48.6 million, up from $48.1 million a year ago. Nine-month operating cash flows were $37.2 million, versus $58.0 million in the prior year. Accounts receivable increased to $64.0 million, compared with $55.5 million at October 31, 2012. Inventories were $51.4 million, up from $50.0 million one year earlier.

Business Development Pipeline

Concluded Rykhus, "For the fourth quarter, we believe it will be difficult to match the growth we saw in the just-completed third quarter, but we still have opportunities that could fuel some year-over-year fourth-quarter earnings growth. Applied Technology will be driven by sales of our new products and improving international market performance, while Engineered Films will continue to leverage the agriculture opportunity and move forward with new film capabilities serving our construction, geomembrane and industrial segments. While we anticipate Engineered Films sales will rise year over year, they'll likely moderate sequentially from third-quarter levels. Aerostar will continue to experience reduced demand from U.S. government customers, but we have opportunities to substantially offset this by increasing Vista Research and other proprietary product sales. We continue to reassign resources within Aerostar to support this transition.

"Looking ahead, I'm confident and optimistic about our long-term prospects for three primary reasons. First, Raven is well positioned. We serve a diverse set of markets, we're financially sound and we remain true to our vision. Next, our purpose of solving great challenges gives the company relevance—the challenges we address are important to the world, our country and our communities. Lastly, we're making tangible forward progress as evidenced by the growth areas of the business and our ability to meet those challenges. Going forward, we will continue to execute our strategy and generate profitable revenue from our existing core markets while driving growth in closely adjacent opportunities."

Conference Call Information

Raven will host a conference call today, Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013, at 9:00 a.m. Central Time to discuss third-quarter performance. Analysts and investors are invited to join the conference call by dialing: 1-866-393-0676. Alternatively, the live call can be accessed through the Investor Relations section of the company's website at Please log on to the website at least 15 minutes early to register on the Events & Presentations page, and download and install any necessary audio software.

A replay of the conference call will be available two hours after the call ends through 11:59 p.m. CT on Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013. To access the replay, dial 1-855-859-2056 and enter conference ID: 93893001. A replay also will be available on the company's website.

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Forward-Looking Statements

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(Dollars and shares in thousands, except earnings per share) (Unaudited)
 Three Months Ended October 31,Nine Months Ended October 31,
      Fav (Unfav)     Fav (Unfav)
 2013 2012 Change2013 2012 Change
Net sales $ 104,938  $ 97,011 8% $ 302,039  $ 316,600 (5)%
Cost of goods sold 72,998  67,436   208,448  215,826  
Gross profit 31,940  29,575 8% 93,591  100,774 (7)%
Research and development expenses 3,958  3,498   12,183  10,462  
Selling, general and administrative
 9,850  9,705   29,774  28,101  
Operating income 18,132  16,372 11% 51,634  62,211 (17)%
Other (expense), net (43)  (56)   (460)  (204)  
Income before income taxes 18,089  16,316 11% 51,174  62,007 (17)%
Income taxes 5,796  5,454   16,550  20,554  
Net income 12,293  10,862 13% 34,624  41,453 (16)%
Net income (loss) attributable to noncontrolling interest 4  3   (1)  5  
Net income attributable to
Raven Industries, Inc.
 $ 12,289  $ 10,859 13% $ 34,625  $ 41,448 (16)%
Net income per common share:              
 -basic$0.34 $0.30 13%$0.95 $1.14 (17)%
 -diluted$0.34 $0.30 13%$0.95 $1.13 (16)%
Weighted average common shares:              
 -basic36,462 36,363  36,434 36,333  
 -diluted36,649 36,530  36,614 36,540  
(Dollars in thousands) (Unaudited) 
 Three Months Ended October 31,Nine Months Ended October 31,
      Fav (Unfav)     Fav (Unfav)
 2013 2012 Change2013 2012 Change
Net sales              
Applied Technology $ 43,797  $ 39,534 11% $ 134,069  $ 133,346 1%
Engineered Films 40,241  33,316 21% 111,998  111,195 1%
Aerostar 24,269  26,385 (8)% 66,706  78,865 (15)%
Intersegment eliminations(3,369) (2,224)  (10,734) (6,806)  
Total Company $ 104,938  $ 97,011 8% $ 302,039  $ 316,600 (5)%
Operating income             
Applied Technology $ 15,149  $ 12,289 23% $ 46,176  $ 47,248 (2)%
Engineered Films 5,241  4,729 11% 14,765  20,727 (29)%
Aerostar 2,714  3,830 (29)% 5,484  7,581 (28)%
Intersegment eliminations(23)  (25)  (61)  (87)  
Total segment income $ 23,081  $ 20,823   $ 66,364  $ 75,469  
Corporate expenses(4,949) (4,451) (11)%(14,730) (13,258) (11)%
Total Company $ 18,132  $ 16,372 11% $ 51,634  $ 62,211 (17)%
(Dollars In thousands) (Unaudited)
 October 31 January 31 October 31
 2013 2013 2012
Cash and cash equivalents $ 48,648  $ 49,353  $ 48,087
Accounts receivable, net 63,960  56,303  55,462
Inventories 51,396  46,189  50,024
Other current assets 6,270  4,903  6,054
Total current assets 170,274  156,748  159,627
Property, plant and equipment, net 95,804  81,238  77,392
Other assets, net 34,486  35,224  35,156
  $ 300,564  $ 273,210  $ 272,175
Accounts payable $ 15,470  $ 14,438  $ 13,262
Accrued and other liabilities 20,107  18,623  26,154
Total current liabilities 35,577  33,061  39,416
Other liabilities 18,657  18,702  19,178
Shareholders' equity 246,330  221,447  213,581
  $ 300,564  $ 273,210  $ 272,175
(Dollars in thousands) (Unaudited)
 Nine Months Ended October 31,
 2013 2012
Cash flows from operating activities:    
Net income $ 34,624  $ 41,453
Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash
provided by operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization 10,264  9,595
Other operating activities, net (7,685)  6,998
Net cash provided by operating activities 37,203  58,046
Cash flows from investing activities:    
Capital expenditures (23,906)  (22,840)
Other investing activities, net (613)  (125)
Net cash used in investing activities (24,519)  (22,965)
Cash flows from financing activities:    
Dividends paid (13,094)  (11,430)
Other financing activities, net (208)  (1,396)
Net cash used in financing activities (13,302)  (12,826)
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash (87)  (10)
Net increase in cash and cash equivalents (705)  22,245
Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period 49,353  25,842
Cash and cash equivalents at end of period $ 48,648  $ 48,087
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